MAY 24, 2020


The monotonous colour scheme and the textural patterns are an artist inspiration. After reading several articles that dealt with the suffering of migrant workers during these times, I knew I had to portray the same. The subjects in my artwork are labourers. I decided to portray four different perspectives of this problem through four sketches of a young woman, a father, a boy and an old woman in order to emphasize how the inaccessibility of sources and money affects different age groups.

I knew adding typography to the artwork would add meaning to it and in order to do that, I browsed a few interviews and translated what the labourers said into Hindi. Each paragraph is a plea for better health care and their situation during the current crisis. While they drowned in a deluge of difficulties, it was easy for us to turn a blind eye. So, this artwork not only raises awareness but continues encouraging us to dismantle our privilege for the betterment of the people who need it.

By Mausam Kamdar - Grade 12