MAY 24, 2020

Gender violence

COVID-19 is worsening the already existing issue of gender inequality and violence. The domestic abuse rate in India is 46:10,000 people, which has only been increasing since the country wide lockdown took place.

The horrifying act of domestic violence takes place in the majority of the LEDCs where there is a lack of knowledge and education, as well as high levels of gender inequality where women are not being given the same rights as men. My artwork depicts a married woman , begging out of pain to stop the gender violence.

The fist on top depicts the corona virus. Women are pleading for the virus to leave so that it doesn’t increase the already existing problem of gender inequality and domestic abuse which has sadly been on the rise as people remain locked in their houses with nowhere to run. The red coloured hands show anger and fear but the hands begging show weakness and helplessness.

By Spoorti Reddy - Grade 10