MAY 26, 2020

Domestic Violence

With the primary focus on domestic violence, I wanted to portray the impact of such a crime on all genders. Having known that domestic violence is most prevalent amongst women of all age groups, it becomes increasingly important to focus on the trauma that men, trans and other communities face as well. The contrast of red and black depicts an element of danger, uncertainty and urgency. If noticed, the lines that entwine the three people are highlighted to show the trauma they all face and the importance of action and advocacy.

Taking on the minimalist approach, I sketched only three people and allowed space for typography. The sentence here is taken from an article written by one of our students, Dhruv Aditya Damodhar. In his work, he advocates for equal attention to all – men and women – when it comes down to domestic violence.

Compellingly written, this artwork is devoted to portray a visual diagnosis of his ideology. Lastly, the use of a contrasting and a vibrant blue shows the never-ending river of the victims' tears and their suffering in such trying times.

By Mausam Kamdar - Grade 12