MAY 28, 2020

A night in quarantine

The COVID-19 virus has shaken all of our lives with numerous changes. Some have been lucky enough and others, not much. I am one among the small percent of the privileged population, for which I am grateful. I would like to take advantage of that fact and provide my insight on this situation. This poem highlights the fact that this virus, ( originally caused by us, humans), is Nature’s way of battle against us. We have exploited and abused the earth for numerous years and we have finally been forced to stop. The poem talks about how the most unnatural thing about the situation is not the virus, but humans themselves. At the end, the human pleads for mercy, asking Nature to take her back into its arms. For that, is how it should be.

On a less metaphorical note, we must all think of this as some sort of time-out the earth has asked us for. Evidently, we can see our world trying to recuperate. As for now, enjoy your life at home, try healing yourself; maintain your mental and physical health, spend time with the ones around you, whether it is talking to your family members or talking to your neighbor in your balcony, while  social distancing of course. But we also have to keep in mind ,the ones who don’t have these privileges in life and this time will be the most excruciating for them. Take advantage of being privileged and do your part by donating to reliable organisations, regularly paying your external help and trying to find ways to talk to the larger public to spread awareness and reliable information. In these times, we all have to stick together (well, not literally), uplift each other's spirits and wait till the virus gets tired of us.

By Una Voca