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    Christmas and a New Year!

    We have had a tough year in lockdown, But turn that frown upside down, For we are making an online magazine, Where you'll find the best articles and comic strips ever seen. Christmas and New Year are always celebrated with friends and family, But this time COVID-19 caused an adversity, With masks and social distancing, Lately, things haven't been that interesting. On Christmas we decorate our houses and exchange gifts with our family. But to have an amazing Christmas this year, we need a s

    Nandita Shinil
    DEC 28 2020 1 MIN READ

      2020 - The End

      It is going to come to an end. A LOT has happened this year, and it will leave its impact on all of us. A lot of brooding can still be done, but despite the massive load we are all carrying on our shoulders it should be noted that we’ve made it to the end of this year. This time of year is always special- even if the events of the year were not. Whether something major happened to you, or nothing at all, we’ve all reached a point where it is time to slow down and rewind. A lot of speculating can

      Anvita DJ
      DEC 28 2020 2 MIN READ

        Statisticians – "A Beacon Of Hope"

        In this period of peril and turmoil due to the current situation of an ongoing pandemic, people seek hope. It is indeed true that a prolonged lockdown does create boredom and chaos. To fulfil their needs people tend to seek some form of entertainment. What about hope? Viewing this situation rationally, people could be categorised into two major factions based on where they mainly seek hope from (even if it generally is a mix of both). Hope could be satisfied by spirituality or science. Well, th

        Sachin Bhat
        DEC 10 2020 6 MIN READ
        • #COVID-19

        Beyond The Window: What Do You See?

        There was once a man who was wheeled into a hospital room. He had a roommate whose bed was beside the window. Every day, the man at the window would describe to his companion all the marvellous things he saw through it. One day it would be about how beautiful the sunset was and on another day, it would be a replay about what the people outside the hospital were doing. As the days passed, the man away from the window grew jealous of his friend because he couldn’t observe the beauty of the outsi

        Deepti Maria Sunil
        JUL 10 2020 3 MIN READ

          How Has COVID-19 Affected The Indian Start-up Ecosystem?

          The corona virus outbreak has dramatically changed our lives and affected the social, environmental and economic sectors in India. According to an MRD report, economists have said that there is a job loss of 40 million people in the country and as of today we have seen a contraction of 4.5%, a historical low. How has this affected the startup ecosystem? A startup ecosystem is formed by startups in different stages and various types of organisations in a location (city, town etc), interacting

          Karthik Sridhar - Grade 12
          JUL 10 2020 4 MIN READ
          • #COVID-19

          BIG TECH and COVID-19

          As the vastly growing global pandemic continues to reshape our societies and lifestyles, the industry powering the 21 century is also undergoing a shift in paradigm. Today, Big Tech faces a startling opportunity to both recorrect its wrongs and a pave new ways for positive collaboration

          Nikhil Henry - Grade 11
          JUN 8 2020 2 MIN READ
          • #COVID-19

          5 positive things that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic

          Humanity is going through unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic is the most crucial global health emergency of this century, severely impacting millions of people around the globe.However, staying positive is essential for surviving the lockdown and coping with this crisis.

          Suhaani Prabhu - Grade 11
          MAY 26 2020 5 MIN READ